What We Do

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
 Chinese Proverb

The Harold Foster Foundation is focused on creating sustainable solutions both locally and abroad that are based on how our geographic environment impacts our health. The Foundation examines the correlations between environmental factors and the incidence of disease. We use this approach to discover which nutritional deficiencies and imbalances play a part in the progression of particular diseases and which environmental factors, e.g. chemicals in the atmosphere, food chain and in the water can cause toxicity in the cells of our bodies, leading to illness.

Currently the Foundation provides interest free loans to widows in rural Uganda that empower these women to become self sufficient. This includes loans for chickens, pigs, and goats. The Foundation purchases land with these women to create educational farms that teach both widows and local orphaned children how to grow foods that address their nutritional deficiencies, hunger, and to also sell these foods as a means of overcoming poverty.

The Foundation also provides nutritional supplements to these widows groups to ensure that their health is sustained while they are receiving their loans, raising their animals and growing their crops. Many of these women and children are infected with HIV and do not have access to medicines. We’ve proven that HIV/AIDS can be addressed through nutrition and a combination of eating the rights foods and nutrient supplementation is our strategy.

In North America the Foundation focuses on helping cancer patients by providing education about important and proven methods of addressing cancer naturally. We also educate cancer patients on how to eat a diet that is rich in foods that are known to have cancer fighting properties.


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