Jeff – Jeff Holmes started Local Farms Food Delivery as a means of providing local  residents with organic fruits and vegetable from local farmers. Jeff came home from Uganda in October determined to raise awareness of eating local foods on the home front. He was stunned to learn that 50 years ago 85 per cent of food consumed on Vancouver Island was grown on the Island.

“Today it’s 10 per cent, so raising awareness is probably the biggest thing behind this project.” Jeff knew Dr. Foster, one of the founders of the Harold Foster Foundation and was able to accompany him on a trip to meet with physicians and scientists in the US to discuss the relationship between health, disease and the environment. In 2010, Jeff travelled to Uganda with representatives from the Foundation to provide nutrition and education to widows and orphans living with HIV/AIDS. He also brought dozens of soccer balls to the local youth, most of whom have become orphans due to AIDS.

Tanya – Tanya supports the Foundaton by bringing together women in North America to provide micro-loans to widows and orphans in Uganda. These interest free micro-loans enable these women and orphaned teenagers to purchase chickens, pigs and goats and essential nutrients. Tanya also helped to coordinate special events that promote the international projects that the Foundation supports.


Melisa – Melisa oversees projects and manages the day to day operations of the foundation.  Without her support, expertise and selfless dedication, none of this would be possible.  In a past life, Melisa served in the Canadian Navy having travelled the world and participated in many humanitarian missions.  “The work I used to do is nothing compared to this in terms of its impact on humanity.  It’s frustrating to say the least, that more people aren’t aware of the research that’s already been done, and just sitting there ready for someone to apply it.  We’re working to change that.”


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