In Memory of Harry Foster

I first met Harry in May of 2005. I had just entered the world of natural medicine and in light of this my wife and a variety of her colleagues at the University of Victoria enthusiastically recommended that I meet Harry Foster. I had recently met an interesting group of medical researchers from England, so I sent Harry an email to that effect and Harry quickly wrote back stating that he was keen to hear all about their work – lunch was set. Harry proved to be all that my wife and her colleagues claimed – one of the most fascinating and wonderful people that I had ever met. He greeted new research ideas with great enthusiasm and support and always had valuable contributions to make. His insights and research into the causes of the major diseases that we face are without precedent.
Upon meeting Harry, I quickly let my colleagues in England know that I had met a medical researcher in Victoria that they had to meet. They started to read Harry’s work and as each of them made their way out to Victoria I introduced them to Harry. Great friendships developed, plans for future collaboration were discussed and they were always keen to get together with Harry whenever they came to the West Coast of Canada. Harry in turn always enjoyed trading research stories with them along with catching up on the news from England.
The first suggestion that Harry made to me was that I should meet the wonderful people at Health Action Network. Harry had been a long-time supporter of Health Action Network and a most valued speaker at Health Action Network events. He spoke in the highest terms of the work done by this great organization and with great affection for all those involved. The second suggestion that Harry made was that I needed to meet the people at the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM) and to kick this off he introduced me to his long time friend and research collaborator Dr. Abram Hoffer. I have been attending HANS events and ISOM conferences ever since. Both of these suggestions have proved to be invaluable.
Harry and I quickly became friends and we met for lunch on a regular basis. These lunch meetings were always a great delight, especially trading stories with Harry. As you might guess, it was a rather uneven trade. For every story that I would have to tell, Harry would have ten, all delivered with passion and humour. For every insight that I might offer, Harry would offer twenty. Indicative of the person that he was, nothing put a smile on Harry’s face quicker than a story of someone that had overcome a dreadful disease and returned to the joys of life.
Harry dedicated his life to improving people’s health – that is just the person that he was. He leaves us with a wealth of insights into diseases as diverse as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and sudden infant death syndrome, to name a few. Harry was exceptionally generous with his intellect and the products of his intellect. The books that he sole authored are available, free of charge, on this website.
Dr. Brian Schaefer


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