Dr.Foster was still is an inspiration to me..

Dr. Foster was a teacher of mine while studying geography at UVic.  I am now studying Naturopathic Medicine.  The last time I spoke with Dr. Foster was before applying to go to school, just to chat about global health and orthomolecular nutrition, and in particular about his work with HIV/AIDS.  Dr. Foster was such an inspiration to my life.  Taking his classes completely altered the way I look at the world and in particular health.  He is one of the main reasons I chose the career path that I’m now on.  It was an honour to know such a fine man.

Man of Integrity

I was so sad to hear of Dr Foster’s passing. I followed his research and writings with great interest and excitement over many years. I know integrity when I see it and that gentleman had it in spades. The world is the richer for his gifts and the poorer for his passing.

Great Contribution to Mankind

I was sad to hear that Dr. Harold Foster passed away.  His books are a great contribution to mankind.  I hope that many people will benefit from his wisdom and knowledge.  Much success for the Foundation!

A Man of Vision

I met Harry Foster in New Jersey in 2006. What he had to say was inspirational. As a result of that meeting, Health Empowerment Through Nutrition (HETN)  – was founded. I am a specialist physician who has long held the traditional medical view that we do not need supplements. How wrong I was. I am now doing my utmost to persuade my colleagues that good nutrition is of crucial importance.I recently attended the AIDS Impact Conference in Gaborone, Botswana. Nutrition hardly got a mention, so we still have much to do. For those interested, take a look at my blog.It took a geographer to convince this medical ‘expert’ the error of his ways. I salute you, Harry. You will be greatly missed.Geoff Douglas, CEO – HETN

In Memory of Harry Foster

I first met Harry in May of 2005. I had just entered the world of natural medicine and in light of this my wife and a variety of her colleagues at the University of Victoria enthusiastically recommended that I meet Harry Foster. I had recently met an interesting group of medical researchers from England, so I sent Harry an email to that effect and Harry quickly wrote back stating that he was keen to hear all about their work – lunch was set. Harry proved to be all that my wife and her colleagues claimed – one of the most fascinating and wonderful people that I had ever met. He greeted new research ideas with great enthusiasm and support and always had valuable contributions to make. His insights and research into the causes of the major diseases that we face are without precedent.
Upon meeting Harry, I quickly let my colleagues in England know that I had met a medical researcher in Victoria that they had to meet.

My Hero

I will be forever grateful for the work of Dr. Harold Foster, as he has allowed me to live a ‘normal’ life given that I contracted HIV in 2004.  At first I was completely frightened, but I emailed Dr. Foster and he took the time to respond to me (we even spoke on the phone), and explained to me his research on HIV.  Since then, my health has been very good and my doctor keeps telling me to ‘keep doing what I’m doing.”  Anyone out there who is HIV+ should take his work seriously.  I did, and it’s changed my life.  Thank you, Dr. Foster – I will remember you always.

What happened to Dr Foster?

I was quite saddened to find that Dr. Foster died. I am a person living with HIV, and I was thrilled when I came across his research and protocol. Could someone please tell me about his passing? Thank you.And Dr. Foster, wherever you are now, rest assured your work will be carried on.

Harry Foster

You will be missed Dr. Foster. You were one of the most enlightening professors I’ve ever had and there will never be another like you. I hope that your life’s work can move forward through the efforts of the Harry Foster Foundation.

Harry Foster

He was a giant among giants who contributed immensely to the betterment of mankind.  Words cannot describe his humbleness, his integrity, his unwavering pursuit of the truth, and his compassion.  Our duty is to honour his life by putting his briliiant ideas into practice.  We will miss him always but he lives on in the hearts and minds of many.

Dr. Harold D. Foster

What more can be said about a man who dedicated his life to ease human suffering by advancing our understanding of health, disease and the environment.  Harry was and will continue to be an inspiritation to people across the planet.  He lived a life most dream of – He will one day be recognized alongside Einstien, Schweitzer and Pasteur as someone who was decades beyond us in our understanding and knowledge. He will be greatly missed and his legacy will move forward through his company, Foster Health Inc., and the Foundation he established, the Harold Foster Foundation.


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