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Dear Sir,I sincerely thank you for the oppoertunity to read your books. I have read two of them recently. Very much work and effort have been put into them and although technically a little ‘over my head’, they are profoundly readable.I would take issue with the notions behind the belief in germ hypothesis and am looking for clues to bring the discoveries you talk about into line with the (simplistic) thinking that most disease is down to maintaining as natural a bodily terrain as possible.I am also a firm believer in Geer Hamer’s theory as to the origin of cancer as opposed to the conventional view.I do feel that any information that reveals the complex flora and fauna must arise from simple forms. I also believe that instead of studying the ill, dead and dying, it would be more beneficial to study why people are healthy.Many thanks for your work. Sincerely,Peter K. Sharpen(Teacher of students with Special Needs)


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