Dr. Jim Beaton – Soil & Agricultural Issues: Jim oversees the Foundation’s efforts to help developing countries with soil fertility, microbiology and soil-plant relationships. He brings in-depth knowledge of soil mineralization and plant health.

Contact: [email protected]

Marnie Bradfield – Public Relation issues:  Marnie is a retired nurse who has overcome Multiple Sclerosis through diet and nutritional supplements, and was instrumental in getting Dr. Foster’s research in HIV/AIDS applied in Africa a number of years ago, laying the groundwork for what we do today.

Dr. Brian Sparkes – Cancer & Immunology / Biochemistry related issues:  Brian is a key advisor in everything we do related to cancer, and brings a long track record of experience and success in understanding how to correct ‘abnormal cell chemistry.’

Dr. Joanne Whitehead – Genetics / Cancer related issues:  Joanne is an expert in genetics and in particular how it relates to cancer, and the more she researched and understood, the more she realized that “it’s the environment, stupid!”  Upon learning of Dr. Foster’s work, she immediately realized the credibility and impact it would have, and wanted to help make that happen.


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