Shipment Arrives in Bushenyi, Notes Received from the Women

Uganda Project Update

With some assistance from a generous friend who was travelling to Uganda, we have sent over another shipment of nutritional supplements to Bushenyi, Uganda.  The project coordinator made the trip to Kampala to pick up the supplements, and we are very happy to hear everyone is continuing to feel better and are doing well.

The Ugandan project coordinator sent the following message from the field: 

He wishes to convey to the Foster Foundation how much the women are appreciating the supplements, they feel hope for the future in a way that they have not felt before, several of them feel so good that they expressed that they think that AIDS is going to be cured.

Thank you for what you have done to provide some of our women and children with your supplement, you are truly saving their lives.

Since the last update, most of the women and children who are taking Replenish+ have gone in for follow on medical examination and testing.Almost all of them have seen an increase in their CD4 count, and more importantly continue to report feeling much better with more energy and excitement for life.  There were some additional challenges, such as malaria and syphilis, but everyone is still making great progress.  The women and mothers are able to work full time, are sleeping through the night and participating in community activities.  

Angels from Bushenyi

The members of the community made some beautiful angels and sent along some notes to give to the people at the Foundation.It was an amazingly thoughtful gesture and it shows the strong and positive character of these wonderful people.